Celebrating in style – TENWAYS' Amsterdam party
Tenwayers at the party having a good time in front of the pop-up store.

Celebrating in style – TENWAYS' Amsterdam party

 Did you hear the buzz around our Amsterdam pop-up store that opened at the end of June and the party we had to celebrate? Relive the fun with us right now and explore a few of the highlights!

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Suzanne and TENWAYS hit it off

So, what was the number one highlight of the party? None other than Dutch speed-skating superstar Suzanne Schulting herself!

Suzanne Schulting together with our General Manager Amir Fazeli

When Suzanne strolled into the party, everybody was super excited to welcome her. Of course, the local media had prepared their list of questions, with the most popular one being:


"Why Suzanne?"

 Well, let’s hear it from no other than our General Manager, Amir Fazeli:

"Suzanne’s drive for excellence is truly impressive and echoes with our determination for both product and service excellence. We also believe that TENWAYS is more than e-bikes, and more than a name. It represents the ten plus ways of moving and living that we celebrate. Suzanne works really hard on training days and prioritizes good fun on rest days, which is exactly the kind of lifestyle that represents TENWAYS’ values. That’s why we decided to invite Suzanne to join our journey to promote a whole new greener way to move in the city."

Announcement of Suzanne as TENWAYS ambassador

Of course, Suzanne also shared the reason why she joined TENWAYS: "As a seasoned cyclist, I totally understand how important e-bikes are for making cycling more accessible. And what’s more, the e-bikes TENWAYS has created are really sporty, stylish, and simply good-looking. In my view, getting around on two wheels is a crucial part of a sustainable lifestyle, and I want to do my part to help planet Earth."

After the interview session, Suzanne didn’t hesitate to join the crowd testing the bikes.


A test ride like no other

That afternoon, everybody got a chance to ride their preferred e-bike model! So what was the verdict? Let’s check it out!

Tenwayers test riding TENWAYS e-bikes

 "Hands down the best biking experience I have ever had!"


Happy Tenwayers test riding TENWAYS e-bikes

 "Really some cool features!"


Happy Tenwayers test riding TENWAYS e-bikes

"What an amazing bike!" 


Where do you want to see the next pop-up? Share in the comments below!

The pop-up test ride in Amsterdam will continue till July 16th, and you can register for a time slot by clicking here.

Where do you want to see the next pop-up test ride event? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll make our decision based on feedback from you, our dear customers, just like always.


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