Ride Safely and Confidently with TENWAYS E-bikes

Ride Safely and Confidently with TENWAYS E-bikes

There is a lot of information out there about the amazing superpowers of e-bikes and how to ride them safely. However, we are aware that there are sometimes media reports of e-bike accidents, and we would like to explain the various reasons why this can happen. Safety is paramount and we want to reassure riders that they should feel and be as safe as possible on their e-bike, whether it's on a designated cycle path or on the road. This blog will also remind you how quality design and a reliable support network can give you the confidence to protect yourself as you ride.


Why do e-bike accidents happen?

One of the main reasons they happen is due to rider inexperience or error in use, as e-bikes have more advanced speed and acceleration capabilities than conventional bicycles. This can be dangerous for riders if they don't gain experience in using these features properly or get used to the riding conditions, etiquette & laws of each environment they wish to ride in, which can lead to dangerous situations such as collisions or falls.

Another factor may be the quality of the e-bike itself; e-bikes with higher quality designs and components, such as electric motors, batteries and electronic control systems, are less likely to malfunction unexpectedly during a ride. And like any vehicle, to maintain their quality and efficiency, they need regular maintenance and servicing by trained cycle professionals to ensure that everything is working as it should - failing to do so can be a safety risk.

Several studies on the internet mention other reasons for accidents. Age has also been reported as a factor, with this Dutch study reporting that fatalities are more common in the 80+ age group, suggesting that this increases their vulnerability on the road. The results of another report suggest that e-bike accidents are more common in some groups because increasing numbers of people are spending more time on e-bikes and using them as a substitute for driving.


Keep your e-bike ready with safe riding tips

An important start to safe riding is to make sure you're always up to date with local laws and regulations. For example, local laws regarding the use of e-bikes vary from region to region. Research your local area's stance on whether you need an e-bike licence or where you can ride depending on your type of bike. Some areas may have laws on whether you're allowed to ride on roads or on some cycle paths.

Some regions have legal requirements for helmets, but we advise you to ALWAYS wear a helmet to protect your head from serious injury in the event of an accident. Always make sure you can see the road and are clearly seen by other pedestrians and vehicles (with lights and high visibility clothing, especially in dark conditions). And don't forget to have your e-bike checked regularly by a specialist to keep it in good condition.

As we mentioned earlier, inexperience or mistakes by the rider are a safety risk, so understand that it can take some time to prepare and gain riding experience, whether it's a new bike or even a new environment. Preparation is always key and you can find more safety tips here and read our checklists on how to feel safer in the saddle and how to dress for your rides.


TENWAYS e-bike features to keep you safe

At TENWAYS, safety is built into every detail of our user-friendly, ergonomic designs. To give our customers better visibility on the road, all our bikes come with STVZO-compliant and IPX4 waterproof built-in lighting to illuminate routes in tricky conditions without dazzling other road users.


TENWAYS: Quality e-bikes with a comprehensive support network

Our premium e-bikes are certified to meet EU standards; we put our customers & their safety at the center of our decisions by innovating high quality rides at the best possible price. We're proud to use industry-leading components in our TENWAYS e-bikes, such as powerful, reliable Bafang motors and maintenance-free Gates carbon belt drives.

And even after our e-bikes leave our warehouses, we're proud to have an extensive service network in Europe to help riders try our e-bikes before they buy, and after-sales support to optimize safe, stress-free riding for the long haul!


Maximize your safety for extra peace of mind!

We hope this blog has helped you to not worry too much about the news in the media, by understanding how to maximize your safety with a high-quality electric bike, reviewing e-bike basics and riding behavior, so you can feel as safe as possible and get the best experience from riding an e-bike. Remember never to cut corners, and if you're unsure about anything, please contact your local authority, manufacturer, or dealer, or our support team to get extra peace of mind on your trips.


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