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Let your loved ones discover the exceptional experience of our electric bicycles, with a $150 discount on their first purchase, while you receive a reward of 10,000 Rider Points for each successful referral.

10,000 Rider Points = $100 off redeemed at checkout

  • Step.1

    Sign in to your TENWAYS account or register one to start earning points.
  • Step.2

    Click on "Refer a friend" to share. Send the unique link via email, social media, or simply copy and share.
  • Step.3

    When someone purchase an E-bike through your referral link, and if there are no returns or refunds, you will receive 10,000 points.
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What is the process for referring in order to earn the 10,000-point reward?

1. Obtain your unique referral link and send it to your friend(s). Make sure that the referred person make his or her purchase through the referral link. Purchase made through other links may not be counted.
2. A valid order must be an e-bike order, which means that the order contains at least one e-bike.
3. No request for a refund or return has been initiated for the order.

How does my friend get the $150 discount?

Make sure your friend opens TENWAYS website through your referral link; a popup window will then appear, presenting the discount code automatically. Your friend can either note down the code or directly click 'Apply discount' to apply it directly.

How can I use the Rider Points?

You can use points to deduct the purchase amount during checkout (up to 10,000 points per transaction, which is equivalent to $100). Points can be used for accessories or e-bikes.

Why haven't I received the 10,000 points after my friend made a purchase?

Rider Points will be issued after the referred person places an order. If you still haven't received the points within 30 days, please contact our support.

Will Rider Points expire?

Rider Points are valid for 12 months.