What to consider before selecting the perfect bike lock

What to consider before selecting the perfect bike lock

With Summer just beginning, it's the perfect time to ride your e-bike in the sunshine! However, more rides also mean increased exposure to potential bike thieves, especially since e-bikes may be more attractive to criminals due to their high value. You may be wondering, what should I consider when selecting the perfect bike lock? Don't worry, our handy guide covers all key factors you may want to review beforehand.



First up on the list is security. This should be your most important consideration when deciding what lock to buy and will likely influence the other factors on the list. You should take a moment to ask yourself several questions:

1. How safe are the areas I will be locking my bike in?
2. How often will my bike be left unsupervised?
3. How frequently will I be riding my bike?

Once you've answered these questions you can better assess your security needs. If security is a low priority and you are living in a safe and secure area, not leaving your bike unsupervised for long periods of time, a simple lock may suffice. These locks tend to be light, compact, and easy to use.

However, if you regularly leave your bike in an area where theft is common, you'll need to take greater precautions. Opt for a lock made from strong materials that resists bolt cutters, choose a complex locking mechanism, and aim for a keyed cylinder lock (these are harder to pick!). You may want to consider investing in 2 locks to secure not just your frame but both wheels too!



The second most important factor is cost. What's your budget? Keep in mind your security needs above when assessing how much you're willing to spend. Cheaper locks may compromise on quality, making your bike less secure. If security isn't a major concern, you may want to go for a cheaper lock. It's crucial to think about cost-effectiveness or false economy. Investing in a high security lock can save you the expense and hassle of replacing a stolen e-bike.


Ease of use

Do you want a bike lock that's easy to use? Features like keyless entry, wireless unlocking, and quick release mechanisms are all available on various models of locks. But increased ease can sometimes mean decreased security, making it easier for thieves to crack your lock. It's important to balance your need for convenience with the level of the security required to protect your bike effectively.



Some locks are larger and heavier, while others are smaller and more compact. Think about your lifestyle and how much space you have in your bag. Folding locks are lightweight and compact making them highly transportable. However, heavier, more bulky locks, such as D and U locks often offer added security and durability, but can be a burden to carry and are more expensive compared to lighter, more portable locks. If safety is a high priority, it shouldn't be compromised for the sake of portability.



It goes without saying that when buying a bike lock you want it to last. Most bike locks are incredibly durable, but those with more moving parts, like folding locks, may be prone to rust and become less flexible over time. The durability of a lock can be affected by the material it's made from, such as steel and steel alloys, and the environmental conditions, such as salty sea spray and exposure to moisture, all of which can accelerate rusting.


TENWAYS recommends

The most secure, durable, cost-effective option is a D or U lock. These locks are more resistant to bolt cutters compared to chain, folding, or cable locks. Additionally, consider pairing your primary lock with a second lock to secure both wheels, using 2 D or U locks, or combining one with another secure lock. Using two locks can add another layer of protection for your bike



Choosing the right bike lock involves carefully considering several factors, security, cost, ease of use, portability, and durability. By assessing your specific needs, you can make an informed decision that will help protect your e-bike from theft. Whether you prioritise maximum security with a heavy-duty lock, or opt for a balance between portability and protection, the key is finding the right lock to meet your needs. Enjoy your rides this summer with peace of mind that your bike is secure.

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