Unwrapping an Awesome Year in E-Biking: TENWAYS' 2023 Journey and Innovations

Unwrapping an Awesome Year in E-Biking: TENWAYS' 2023 Journey and Innovations


It's been another amazing year for us at TENWAYS, we've made big strides in introducing more riders than ever to the joys and benefits of e-biking with our mission to make daily travel speedy, effortless and fun. We've been able to spread our core values of joy, diversity, community and sustainability further than ever, with high-quality e-bikes being made accessible to more and more people. Throughout 2023 we've been super busy getting the word out about all things TENWAYS – read on for a lowdown on all the exciting things we've been up to!


TENWAYS offline service network

We're always striving to give the best service to our customers, so a massive 2023 highlight for us was extending our high-quality support offline, making it easier for riders to access in-person help locally. We now boast a growing network of over 110 dealers and service centers across Europe and have begun expanding into the US market with more than 70 dealers and service centers. These partners represent TENWAYS by providing exceptional assistance with e-bike purchasing, test-riding, and maintenance, helping customers feel happier and more confident than ever with their dream ride for the long haul! We also introduced an online portal for riders to easily locate the nearest TENWAYS help to them. We hope that by increasing our TENWAYS regional support we can enable more and more users to relish the joys of sustainable travel with our premium electric bikes.



New 2023 products for a wider range of riders

At TENWAYS we truly care about the needs of our customers, and we wanted to extend our commuting range further to cater to more user scenarios to help more riders enjoy TENWAYS' high quality electric bikes. So we built on our product range with the introduction of 3 new sustainable models this year, which have already received great praise from our customers, influencers and the press!

Our lightweight commuter CGO600 has been a standout hit for years, but we wanted to go the extra mile with an innovative, advanced version of this effortless, stylish and agile ride. So we introduced the CGO600 Pro, an optimized version for riders to feel they get the very best premium features.

We introduced an exciting new product category to the TENWAYS family: our city explorer range offers more advanced components for riders needing more flexibility in their lifestyles, whether it's for speedy commuting or exciting leisure trips! AGO T was created to empower riders to shine in the urban jungle with comfort, whatever the riding purpose. It's a robust and stylish e-bike that's perfectly equipped for running errands, climbing slopes and carrying loads.

We designed AGO X as our Urban All-rounder, a powerful, all-terrain ride that's perfect for both off-road and city exploration. It brings big performance with premium features that allows riders to enjoy the very best of adventure in their leisure!



Partnerships with influential names in sports and fitness

We've been proud to have partnered with some true inspirations this year in our efforts to raise wider awareness of the awesome lifestyle rewards of e-biking. Firstly, Pamela Reif is a big name in the fitness world, she has been a big influence in empowering many women to feel the best versions of themselves, and at TENWAYS we want to do the same! We recognise that cycling is a male dominated sport and activity, which is why we teamed Pamela up with our female-friendly CGO800S model, to demonstrate just how accessible our e-bikes are for all kinds of riders.



In February, we were overjoyed to announce our partnership with BVB Borussia Dortmund football team in Germany, one of the biggest clubs in the world, to show how our e-bikes can empower sports fans. With sustainability being a key focus for BVB, it was a mutually beneficial collaboration with both communities learning about each other, and receiving exclusive discounts. We also gifted the BVB football stars with our bikes so they could see for themselves the true powers of e-biking, by traveling sustainably and saving precious energy for their games.



Blending sustainability with fashion and art in urban lifestyles

Another awesome 2023 highlight for our team has been meeting with regional communities, it has been a pivotal way of spreading awareness about how our e-bikes can boost lifestyles, while protecting the planet. We've had TENWAYS pop-up events in Amsterdam, Berlin and Stockholm where locals were welcome to turn up and learn more about our brand, e-biking in general, and test the quality of our rides for themselves! The events had their own individual take on the sustainable concept of e-biking for each urban audience, and blended it with themes around nature, art, technology and fashion.



The work we do for these events also aim to show how TENWAYS rides can effortlessly blend into lifestyle interests. We wanted to demonstrate this for the fashion world, so we selected the Copenhagen and Milan fashion weeks as excellent opportunities to show off the stylish, elegant designs of our bikes, and how they make the perfect, practical accessory for style-conscious riders. We kitted out 10 fashion forward influencers that needed a reliable partner with our CGO800S and CGO600Pro models, to help them easily catch up on all the bustling action throughout these busy cities.



Environmental journey with 10,000 trees planted

And last but not least, in a significant step towards environmental responsibility, we're proud to have planted over 10,000 trees in partnership with Just One Tree. This landmark achievement not only demonstrates our commitment to air quality and carbon reduction, it also benefits wildlife habitats and rural communities. Through every e-bike sold, we've made a tangible impact, emphasizing our dedication to a sustainable, greener future and inspiring our community to continue making eco-friendly choices. This is just the beginning of our journey toward a more sustainable world.



Most recent event was our collaboration with Paris Internationale, where we joined forces with 5 talented Parisian artists who customized our CGO600 Pro with their own magical designs. It was an amazing show that was a perfect fusion of art and sustainability for Paris, the art capital of the world, which aims to be a fully cyclable city by 2025. Our e-bikes demoed how users can express themselves, whatever their personal style, setting them up for easy, fun travel for a healthier lifestyle.




What a year it's been for us! We're super proud of our growing sustainable community of customers and fans, and it's been great to nourish and establish new connections with our exciting 2023 achievements.

We developed our customer support network to enable riders to get easy access to local TENWAYS help for their ride. Partnering with influential sport and fitness figures has been a great way for users to discover how TENWAYS can boost their leisure time while helping them save energy. Hosting our pop-up events has helped us really connect with local urban communities and educate them on the boundless benefits of e-biking in person. And it was spectacular to see our rides shine at fashion & art themed events, being viewed as a great partner for smooth navigation around all the city hotspots, in style. We've also partnered with Just One Tree and planted over 10,000 trees to further our commitment to a sustainable future.

It has been truly awesome connecting with such an array of users this year and showing them the power of TENWAYS e-bikes. We can't wait to ride into 2024 with you, stay tuned for some exciting launches and events in the new year!

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