TENWAYS Hits the Spotlight at Micromobility America 2023

TENWAYS Hits the Spotlight at Micromobility America 2023

There was a real buzz for our latest e-bike innovations from both electric mobility fans and the transportation trade at Micromobility America 2023, the world’s largest show for small electric vehicles, which took place in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, at the Craneway Pavilion from October 19-20. We were super excited to be connecting with everybody there about all things e-biking and our commitment to a sustainable future with premium, easy to use e-bikes for a wide range of riders.   




TENWAYS Highlights at Micromobility America

Our latest electric drive creations on show were a standout highlight, demonstrating TENWAYS’ exciting vision for the future of e-biking to help more people embrace sustainable travel. Our two booths gave cycling fans a great chance to fully immerse themselves into the world of TENWAYS, from meeting our stylish, high-quality electric bikes in-person, to taking them for a spin and discovering how TENWAYS rides unlock a whole lot of fun and versatility with smooth riding experiences.


Showcasing the Best of TENWAYS Electric Bicycles 

We were delighted that the Micromobility America 2023 audience loved our diverse array of rides on show at Booth No.600. Our lightweight champion CGO600 Pro and comfortably stylish CGO800S were the clearest crowd favorites, thanks to their sleek design and advanced features. They sure created one of the biggest buzzes at the event!   




Experience TENWAYS: Test Rides and Beyond

Meanwhile, over at Booth No. 4010 was where the real action unfolded! Visitors didn’t just check out our electric drives, they put our promise of awesome riding experiences to the test on the track! CGO600 Pro and CGO800S were also a massive hit over here, with outstanding feedback from testers about how smooth riding a TENWAYS bike felt with its intuitive, responsive features. Attendees were also super excited about the lucky draw our team organized. And for those who wanted a moment's respite, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, available for free, wafted through the booth.


Educating and Engaging with the Community about E-bikes

Beyond the thrilling products and activities we had on offer, the show was also a great opportunity for TENWAYS to emphasize another of its core values: community building. At our booths, the team had great discussions with visitors about electric bicycle trends, user needs, and the future of urban mobility, as well as encouraging them to share their experiences, feedback and e-bike wish lists, building on the strong bond between our brand and our fantastic community of Tenwayers.




All Wrapped Up

Since Micromobility America 2023 wrapped-up, the memories of TENWAYS’ impact at the show live on. The event wasn’t just a showcase for us, but also an amazing platform for us to demo our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and a greener, more sustainable future by helping to awaken more transport users to the many joys of electric biking! After such a successful event, the future looks very bright for TENWAYS and our growing e-bike community, we hope to meet more of you at upcoming mobility shows! 

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