CGO800S: An e-bike worth waiting for?

CGO800S: An e-bike worth waiting for?

"I just can't wait to have the CGO800S😍!"

Since the started pre-order, our inbox has been filled with similar messages!

We have to say we're in agreement: we too can't wait for you to experience next-level comfortable cycling on the CGO800S!

After all, we've packed it full of awesome features to help make slopes a breeze, and flats a joy! 

We appreciate that some readers may still feel a little reluctant since the shipping in Europe only starts from the end of June, asking "Is the TENWAYS CGO800S worth the wait?"

It’s only natural to have such questions about any new product. Most of you may have guessed our answer to this question, but hey, don’t just take it from us!

Let's check out the latest reviews from the professionals and see the CGO800S in real action!


"I wish I had this bike years ago!"

Eilis from Electroheads has had so much fun in the past month with her all-new CGO800S.

The feel of riding, braking power, performance on slopes… She has tested everything and anything.

Want to see how the CGO800S performs in real life? Let Eilis show you the A to Z.

"A 19kg pedelec at an unbeatable price." (Review in German, with auto-generated translated captions)

Ralf from Emobilist has again shown his great attention to detail. On top of everything Eilis has tested, he also demonstrated how to use the smart navigation system – skip to 6:44 to see this in action. 

Want to hear a balanced verdict on the bike? Jump to 10:44 for his summary of the CGO800S!


The authentic TENWAYS experience

Of course you’ll want to know about the real-life experience of owning a TENWAYS e-bike, especially when it comes to the expected support and help, since getting an e-bike is no small investment.

We want to provide not only the best riding experience for our urban explorers but also the best customer care possible. All our e-bikes are covered by a 2-year warranty, and our super-responsive customer support team will take care of all your questions and requests, and guarantee to offer a satisfactory solution.

Again, do not just take it from us, let’s hear it from Tenwayers in the TENWAYS community group:              

"Thanks again to Silvia and Marilyn for the superb customer service. Asked a couple of questions over the weekend and got a response straight away.😍"    —Andrew. D 

"The quality and performance greatly exceeded my expectations. In addition, the customer service is exceptional."   —Harvey. B

"All up and going and connected to the app. Tenways customer service has been excellent sorting out any niggles and questions.  —Richey. W

"Excellent bike, excellent service.   —Svea. J

And what happens beyond the warranty?

Thanks to our resilient supply chain, we can continue to supply any needed parts even years after purchase. We know our riders develop an emotional connection with their TENWAYS bikes, and we want to keep them accompanying our riders on any journeys ahead for many years to come.


Don’t miss out - get the best deal today

The all-new CGO800S is currently offered at a fabulous early bird price of €1799. But hurry - this offer must end on the 22nd of June, and shipping will start from the end of June in first-come-first-served order.

This early bird offer will be the best deal on this bike for a long time to come. Love the features? Already imagining yourself exploring the city by CGO800S? Then we have just one suggestion:

Take the offer today!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at, where we’re ready to answer anything you might need to ask!

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