How an e-bike could change your life for the better
woman on the tenways ebike

How an e-bike could change your life for the better

We're all familiar with some of the reasons people don't want to try out an e-bike – which of these have you heard?

"They're so heavy!"

"The motors make a lot of noise."

"I've heard the ride is really jumpy when the motor kicks in."

"Aren't they difficult to maintain?"

"Riding an e-bike is cheating!"

That last point is a whole discussion of its own – you can check out our take on this topic here.

When it comes to those other factors people quote about e-bikes – just let us say, not all e-bikes are created equal! At TENWAYS, we're passionate about creating e-bikes that people love to ride every day, so we keep their weight right down, the motors are super-quiet, and the ride is as smooth as silk. They're so easy to maintain too, thanks to features like the Gates Carbon Belt Drive, which replaces the usual chain-and-derailleur set-up and is much more reliable – fuss-free riding for 30,000km!

girl with TENWAYS CGO800S

Some of our customers are seasoned cyclists, while others are brand new to two-wheeled transportation. We love to hear stories from the Tenwayers' community about the ways a CGO600 commuter-style e-bike or CGO800S city comfort model have helped transform their owners' lives. From helping them avoid the pain of public transport strikes, to rediscovering a love for exercise! What better way than to hear it from the Tenwayers themselves?

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What fun things can happen on a TENWAYS e-bike?

We recently asked on the TENWAYS Community Group page what were the best things our riders had experienced on their TENWAYS e-bike. It's fair to say that the responses blew us away!

Eduardo R.:

"Awesome day travelling 47miles throughout the sea side of Lisbon and arriving home with 36% battery. This allowed me to enjoy a great summer day, plus doing some workout without feeling busted, and all of this without packed public transports in an eco-friendly way. Also, the amazing feeling of going to work through the bike lanes smoothly during a major public transport strike! So nice."

Zola M.:

"Its weight also eliminates the use of electrical assistance in most cases. An important fact that contributes to the proximity of feeling to a conventional bicycle."

tenways ebikes

Paul M.:

"Very quiet and smooth riding, the assist kicks in seamlessly when you need it. I feel like it's riding a normal bike for exercise and use assist at traffic lights or when I am tired or steep uphill."

Michael V. O.:

"That I actually on occasions use PAS 0 during rides. Just because it fits the speed and cadence on certain moments which never ever happened on my previous e-bike."

Petra L.:

"I love my 800, I often ride uphill without support, except where the bike does what it's supposed to do. I ride up the mountain sitting down with level 3 without much effort and feel a lot fitter. Thank you Tenways for these great e bikes 🥰 👍"

Riccardo d W. shared a fun encounter he had thanks to the CGO800S's rear indicator lights:

"I like the smoothness best, but something funny happened. I used the turn signals and 2 guys on a scooter followed me, drove past me and asked me: ‘Wait! Dude, you have TURN SIGNALS ON THAT THING?!' So, I replied: ‘Yeah, nice isn't it?' and they thought it was really cool.

It's not just a gimmick. It's a thing that actually does what it should: draw attention!"

There were smiles all round, too! 😊

tenways bike

Oliver H.:

"Train 43 muscles every time I am riding this fun toy (others say smiling)."

Steve S.:

"Smiling like a Cheshire Cat every time I ride it. I just love my CGO800. It is one smooth ride. At 55, I could not have found a better bike. Truly. It was easy to put together, easy to handle, and the battery lasts exactly the right amount of time. I know I sound like a commercial, but I really do like this bike!"

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Turn that commuting frown upside down

We were also inspired by a recent post by one Tenwayer, Maarten G., who saw the chance to forget the car for his commuting needs when purchasing his CGO800S:

"Normally I went to work with my car. I had a bike, but with bad knees it's a pretty hard job to ride a bike 10 miles to and from work.

Now I go to work with this beauty every chance I get. Unless it rains of course.

Thanks Tenways for making such a beautiful bike!"

women with CGO600

Other Tenwayers chimed in with their own experiences, with Joris v d H. sharing that he had a similar experience in only occasionally using his conventional bike for his long commute, and agreeing that the reduced journey time is a real pleasure:

"40 minutes cycling for me. Exactly half the journey time by car."

Dedicated cycle-commuter Marko J. also joined in, saying:

"I don't have a car, so always have to go 34 miles to work and back home, at least I do a lot of miles for the TENWAYS championship!"

man on the bike


Join the cycling revolution

We hope you've enjoyed these Tenwayers' experiences as much as we did! If you're feeling inspired, now is a perfect time to take action. Embrace a whole new greener way to move around your hometown, whether for work or pleasure! Explore all the features of our e-bikes CGO600 and CGO800S – we're positive that you'll find your perfect match!

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