Secrets behind TENWAYS' smooth tech: Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Secrets behind TENWAYS' smooth tech: Gates Carbon Belt Drive

"The torque assist and belt drive are incredibly smooth and natural." The words of just one of the many Tenwayers in our community group, who love to share their experience of all things TENWAYS. We like to share too, and in today's blog we'll take a look at the super-dependable Gates Carbon Belt Drive, one of the key players in the smooth TENWAYS ride.


What is a belt drive?

You may be more accustomed to seeing regular bikes with a derailleur system – a combination of a chain with multiple sprockets of different sizes, which allow the rider to change up and down into different gears as needed. It's a tried-and-tested method that's been around since the early 20th century, but does have its limitations – sprockets wear out over time, and chains can stretch, break and easily become rusty. Maintenance is a real pain point for many riders!


 In contrast, a belt drive either works in combination with a hub that has internal gearing or clutch system or can be set up on a single-speed bike. They're designed to be long-lasting, durable and extremely low-maintenance. Because the belt is created as one piece, there are no links to break, and there is no need to oil it  helping you keep your hands clean!

Why Gates Carbon Belt Drive?

To put it simply, Gates are at the top of the belt drive game, with an outstanding reputation. Their belt drive systems are in use on bikes all over the world, and riders love them for the fuss-free experience and extra-long mileage from each belt; one rider shared his experience riding from Argentina to Alaska in this truly inspiring blog on the Gates website!

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Care-free riding

Each Gates belt is composed of a highly weather-resistant polyurethane exterior, and an interior made of strong and stretch-free carbon-fiber tensile cords. The system used on TENWAYS bikes provides maintenance-free riding for a staggering 28,600 miles – this is clearly more than the average derailleur chain's 2,900-4,900 km lifespan.



Clean as a whistle, quiet as a whisper

Because a Gates belt doesn't need the regular lubrication with oil that a traditional chain requires, this means it's a much cleaner system over all. Sure, it may get a little dirty at times from road debris, but simply cleaning with water is all that's needed to get it sparkling again.

It's also oh-so quiet. The carbon-fiber teeth connecting with the front and rear hub sprockets create very little noise, especially when compared with a metal chain in need of lubrication that rattles through a derailleur system!

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A perfectly smooth combination

We've teamed up the Gates Carbon Belt Drive with the patented clutch motor that powers the signature TENWAYS smooth ride. This combination delivers responsive, natural-feeling and, above all, smooth pedal assist for all your urban riding needs.

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Tell us what you think

As we said when we started out on today's blog – we love to share experiences with the TENWAYS community! Head over to the Tenwayer's Facebook group to digitally meet other riders and hear about their two-wheeled adventures. Come and join the conversation!

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