Earth Day. Ride for a cleaner future

Earth Day. Ride for a cleaner future

Earth Day falls this Saturday April 22. Incredibly, this annual event, which highlights ecological issues, has taken place for over 50 years. It began in 1970 in the USA, and has been marked worldwide since 1990! Today, over a billion people take part each year, each believing in the power of individual action to make significant global change. One personal choice which can make a huge difference is to switch to an e-bike – let's find out what changes, big and small, this could achieve!

How can we get involved?

Joining mass protests is no longer completely necessary. One hugely positive way that we can all help the planet is to abandon our polluting motor vehicles and switch to pedal power wherever possible – especially for the daily commute. Many of us have become all too reliant upon our motor vehicles, and are accustomed to sitting in polluting traffic jams that harm us and the planet. Bicycles have long been recognized as a great alternative to motorized vehicles, and an e-bike is one of the most energy-efficient ways to travel! With their powered assistance and enhanced capabilities, they offer an excellent solution for those who might otherwise be hesitant about switching from four wheels to two.


The extra benefits

It's not only the planet that will feel the positive effects from the wider use of e-bikes. Our own physical and mental health is boosted by the fresh air and exercise that comes when hopping into the saddle. Yes, we can use e-bikes for the daily commute, but there is so much more we can do and places we can go when riding an e-bike. Running errands such as collecting shopping from the supermarket is easier with an e-bike's help, and getting further afield to explore local nature spots is made more manageable with a little powered assistance.

And then there are group rides. As more and more people recognize the need to change and boost their health, sociable groups are springing up all over the globe for riders of all types and capabilities. And when's a better time than Earth Day to give one a try and meet some like-minded biking buddies? A little online searching is bound to bring you details of local cycling groups or clubs which would be perfect for you.


Partnerships for the planet

When you're out on your e-bike ride in the countryside, take a moment to appreciate the trees that line your route, which not only provide a beautiful green backdrop to your ride, but play a vital role in keeping the air clean. To help counteract the problem of Earth's tree loss – over 11.1 million hectares in 2021 alone – TENWAYS has partnered up with Just One Tree in a quest to plant more trees and hence, absorb CO2 volumes, reduce global warming and provide us all with cleaner air. For each TENWAYS e-bike ordered, Just One Tree plants a tree on your behalf!

just one tree

Explore today

As you can see, you don't need a superhero's cape to save the planet – simply switching to two wheels is the ideal way to start on that journey! TENWAYS has a variety of e-bikes suited to a wide range of riders and activities – so what are you waiting for? Let's guide the planet, ourselves and each other towards a brighter, cleaner future.

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