Why not try group rides?

Why not try group rides?

Maybe as a new cyclist you might be thinking that a group ride is the last place you would feel comfortable. In fact, we are here to let you in on this little secret fast track to cycling confidence, fun rides, and perhaps new friends for life.


Just what is group riding?

Riding groups. You may have seen them, especially at the weekend. They are easy to spot; usually laughing or talking, offering encouragement to one another when those legs are feeling tired, and enjoying being reassured by safety in numbers. You meet at a pre-arranged time and place to complete a set route. Simple, and what’s not to like?! It's efficient and enjoyable, and a great way to accomplish the distances and higher speeds that you might not otherwise have reached by yourself. Everyone in the group keeps up with one another and helps each other along. The route is planned out, tried and tested, and usually comes with handy info on exactly what to expect in terms of difficulty, scenery, rest stops and so on. Forget being overwhelmed by choice and the fear of the unknown!



Aside from cycling in a group for the sake of your stats, it’s also a wonderful way to make new friends. All in the group have something in common after all. Those rest stops turn into little social pockets of activity that you’ll look forward to just as much as the journey itself.


Why choose an e-bike for group riding?

Sometimes exercise can seem unfavourable. We might be indecisive about venturing outside and participating in group riding, especially after that long week at work. But this is where e-bikes can help, especially for new group riders. An e-bike still gives us that exercise and the accompanying fitness that we need but with less strain and fatigue. Joining a riding group who have been venturing together for some time may be a little daunting at first and yes, it may conventionally be tricky to keep up. An e-bike will help overcome this obstacle by offering that much-needed boost, especially on demanding hills and over longer distances. As e-bikes have become more advanced and lighter, like the TENWAYS range, more barriers are overcome.



What are some handy things to know?

It is worth speaking to the group before embarking on a first outing of course, to see just what type of ride they usually take on. Is it more of an amicable amble or a pseudo-tour de France?! You need to be prepared.

Group riding is safe not only because a group is easier to spot by motorists, but also because the riders take care of each other. Pothole warnings can come from those up at the front, while people at the back relay approaching traffic. It’s important to stick together and share the love of cycling, but always leave a little distance between you and the rest of the peloton for any sudden movements. Those on conventional bikes are also likely to slow more significantly going uphill, so those riding an e-bike should take this into account if they are behind…and also, not look too smug when they are less out of breath at the top!



These are just a couple of unwritten rules for group riding, most of them common sense, and all of which focus on safety and enjoyment for everyone.


What kind of e-bike do I need?

To keep up with the riding group, and additionally to look the part, the TENWAYS CGO600 and CGO600 Pro are perfect options. These e-bikes are light, stylish and offer a blend of safety and performance. We are not talking track bikes - these models are designed for urban and wider adventures, so the road terrain in group riding journeys is easily accomplished. What’s more, nature’s elements, most notably high winds, pose less of a problem. Your knees will thank you for this. With superior battery life and fast-charging time, any last-minute decision to join a group outing can be met with confidence. In addition, the CGO600 and CGO600 Pro come in varying sizes and suit multiple riding positions, so rest-assured, the ride will be a comfortable one.


So, if you are new to a riding group and are perhaps feeling a little left behind, TENWAYS’ CGO600 and CGO600 Pro e-bikes will help you to keep up. If you are new to cycling and keen to join a riding group, then the models will be an advantage and certainly a talking point amongst your new friends. Now, don’t forget to tell us all about your most recent social rides and share some love for your awesome clubs over with our digital group of riders, the TENWAYS e-Bike community Facebook group!

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