How to create lasting cycling habits

How to create lasting cycling habits

Starting a new activity, sport or hobby can feel a little daunting at first. You may feel apprehensive about becoming more active, or perhaps you're keen to take up cycling but are unsure of how a bike would slot into your lifestyle. Worry not! With our CGO600's great features, it's the ideal companion to complement your everyday life and build your sustainable cycling habit.


The features you need

The CGO600 is the perfect entry point into the world of cycling. The lightweight, sleek design and intuitive handling match the convenience of a non-electric bike, enabling newbies to ride and explore with ease. The smooth electrical assist keeps cycling enjoyable, exciting, and hassle-free.



The benefits of powered assistance

With a little extra motorized assistance, you experience all the fun and convenience that come with more-easily extended rides, easier acceleration, increased speed, and being able to conquer new challenges. Whether it's quickly pulling away at a green traffic light, or completing your entire journey with ease, the CGO600's got you covered. Your sense of accomplishment will inspire you to hit the road again and again to maintain your new cycling hobby. The CGO600's electrical assist is perfectly suited for individuals of varying physical ability, making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of riders.


Switch up your commute

Commuting by bike is the perfect way to integrate cycling into your routine and build a sustainable habit - compared to bus or car, cycling offers a green, cost-effective and flexible alternative to your usual commute. With the CGO600's powered assistance, you'll find that you're not exhausted and sweaty by the time you reach your workplace, but are energized for the day ahead. And, as you have the flexibility to activate or deactivate assistance at any point during your journey, you could make the evening commute home more of a workout if you wanted! The CGO600 is so lightweight, it rides just like a standard bike when powered off, so whatever your destination, you get the perfect amount of support to arrive invigorated and ready to tackle your workday or evening activities.


Cycle with ease

Our technology has been optimized to deliver an exceptionally responsive and intuitive riding experience. The synchronized functioning of the motor, belt drive, and torque sensor provides riders with a nimble, agile, and incredibly enjoyable ride. The luxuriously smooth riding experience of the CGO600 will inspire you to venture out more and more often to explore the world on two wheels! What's more, the CGO600 has been designed to be super-low-maintenance – the Gates carbon belt needs no oiling or adjusting, keeping you rolling for many thousands of kilometers!


Relax and explore

On the CGO600, exploring your city is an exceptionally relaxing experience. No longer distracted by the strain of difficult journeys, you can fully immerse yourself in the present moment and enjoy the fresh air as you leisurely navigate through your adventure. The ease of electrical assist enables you to spend more quality time riding with friends and family, creating deeper connections, and memorable cycling experiences. The expanding possibilities of riding with the CGO600 allow you to reach new heights and destinations that may have been challenging or inaccessible with a regular bike.



Health benefits

There is an overwhelming catalog of health benefits associated with cycling. Numerous studies have demonstrated that cycling regularly will boost your health, improving cardiovascular capacity and reducing blood pressure, resulting in decreased likelihood of heart disease and strokes. Additionally, cycling promotes improved strength, balance and coordination while also helping to strengthen joints and bones.

Beyond the physical benefits, cycling is a powerful mood booster and beneficial for mental health. Regular cycling has been demonstrated to reduce stress levels and alleviate symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. The endorphins released during cycling can contribute to improved mental well-being and emotional balance.

Cycling regularly offers an array of health advantages, that stretch into people's daily lives resulting in a more vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.


Explore more details of the CGO600

With the CGO600, taking up cycling has never been so simple. Check out all the specifications in detail here, and you too could soon be joining the thousands of happy Tenwayers around the world, wheeling their way through life!

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