E-bike batteries: Integrated vs. removable

E-bike batteries: Integrated vs. removable

The additional power boost that e-bikes give to riders is one of their most appealing features, and of course this power relies on the bike's battery. A key consideration when researching which e-bike to buy is whether the bike has an in-built, integrated battery, or one which can be removed. Today, we'll explore the differences between these two options, helping you to make the best choice to suit your needs and lifestyle when choosing your next e-bike.


Integrated batteries

Integrated batteries are built directly into the e-bike's frame, often helping them to resemble a traditional non-electric bike, at least at first glance. Having an in-built battery provides e-bikes with some key characteristics:


  •  Stealthy aesthetics

An integrated battery is, essentially, hidden from view, helping to disguise the fact that this is in fact an e-bike. A nicely designed frame with integrated battery, such as the CGO600, has a sleek, streamlined appearance, which is a big plus for riders who appreciate a classic bike look.



  • Enhanced security

As an integrated battery can't be easily removed, this acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, who are less likely to target an e-bike if they can't easily access or tamper with the battery. There is also no risk of the battery being misplaced!


  • Weather resistance

Being encased in the e-bike's frame, an in-built battery tends to be well-protected from the elements, helping to reduce the risk of damage from rain, dust, wind and other environmental factors that can be harmful to batteries.


  • Affected range

Integrated batteries often have a fixed or limited capacity, which affects how far can be traveled with power assistance. With e-bikes tending to be heavier than their traditional counterparts, this can mean that riders are faced with a cumbersome bike that is difficult to move after the battery runs out. However, a more lightweight bike can be agile enough to ride normally, even without power – such as the super-lightweight CGO600!


  • Charging matters

Without the need to remove the battery from its electrical connections on a regular basis, there is a reduced risk of damage when it comes to charging – there is always a secure connection.

The e-bike does always need to be parked near to a power source for charging, which some owners may find inconvenient. Many people who have limited charging options for an e-bike with an integrated battery choose to invest in a compatible power bank for additional flexibility.



  • Battery replacement

Undoubtedly, an integrated battery is more difficult and expensive to replace than a portable option. When shopping for an e-bike, it is worth checking the bike brand's warranty policies, particularly regarding if, and for how long, the battery is covered. At TENWAYS, our batteries are covered for two years.


Removable batteries

Removable batteries, sometimes referred to as portable batteries, are designed to be easily detached from the e-bike for more straightforward charging, or replacement. Like integrated batteries, they come with their own set of characteristics:


  • Convenient charging

The battery can be lifted out of the bike for easy charging at home or in the office, and simple replacement. Indeed, some e-bike models such as the CGO800S are available with spare batteries, allowing riders to essentially double the range of their e-bike, which can be very useful for longer rides.



  • Easy replacement

When a battery reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be very easily and inexpensively replaced. Riders should always take care to ensure a replacement battery is fully compatible with their e-bike, and with a little TLC can help prolong their battery's lifespan!


  • Extra bulk

Some removable e-bike batteries are quite large, often housed in external mounts or compartments, which can affect the e-bike's appearance. This isn't always the case however – some portable batteries are designed to be flush with the e-bike's frame, and so have a minimal visual impact. Take a look at our streamlined AGO T, AGO X, CGO600 Pro and CGO800S as prime examples!


  • Security risks

Removable batteries are not always lockable to the e-bike's frame, putting them at higher risk of theft. Riders can take precautions such as taking the battery with them when leaving the bike unattended, or choosing an e-bike that has a lockable portable battery, such as those in the TENWAYS range.



  • Environmental matters

When removed, portable batteries can leave the e-bike at greater risk of damage due to the weather or other environmental factors. Riders should take care not to leave electrical components exposed when removing the battery.


What's best for you?

Making the choice between integrated or removable batteries when choosing your next e-bike ultimately depends on your individual preferences and lifestyle, and how you plan to use your bike on a daily basis. Integrated batteries are great for those who want minimal fuss and maximum security. For those who prioritize flexibility when it comes to charging and range, an e-bike with a portable battery may be the best choice. TENWAYS has a great choice of both types, all designed to minimize the potential downsides of each! Browse the range today – you might just meet your perfect e-bike match.

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