CGO600 Pro – what the reviewers think

CGO600 Pro – what the reviewers think

"The Lightweight Champion." That's what we affectionately call the CGO600 Pro here at TENWAYS – an e-bike created to be a real city-cycling joy! Developed with the highly valuable input of Tenwayers around the world, CGO600 Pro boasts a great range of features that we know you – the riders – really want to see. Removable battery? Check. Extended range? Of course! Adjustable handlebars? Absolutely. Integrated front light? A bright idea!

The result is a nimble e-bike that delivers an exceptionally smooth riding experience thanks to a winning combination of components, including a Gates carbon belt drive, super-responsive torque sensor, 350W rear hub motor, and hydraulic disc brakes for superb stopping power.

Feedback from riders is always super-beneficial, so today we're bringing you the voices of folk who've tried out CGO600 Pro for themselves – some are seasoned, professional bike reviewers, while others are from the ever-growing Tenwayers community. Let's hear what they have to say!



An out-of-the-box surprise

CGO600 Pro has sleek, stylish looks in a frame that's almost indistinguishable from a traditional bike, a factor very much appreciated by reviewers such as Rob from the Oldshovel channel, who admitted he wouldn't normally consider trying an e-bike, and so found the CGO600 Pro very appealing, especially as he has recently begun commuting by bike.

At TENWAYS we take great care to package our bikes well for shipping, along with all the tools you'll need to put your new wheels together quickly and easily. Rob was pleasantly surprised when opening his box, to find great-quality wrenches and hex keys, as well as a miniature air pump – everything in place for a smooth bike build!

Furthermore, Rob was particularly taken with features such as the Tektro hydraulic brakes – especially as they are a local brand to him in Ogden, Utah! After a decent test ride, Rob stated, "I'm really impressed with how well made this bike is; the choice of components and the styling and the layout of the bike is just awesome."


Beautiful design, exceptional ride

Chris of the NoNonsenseKnowHow 2 (NNKH2) channel had good fun putting his CGO600 Pro together, enjoying discovering all the bike's high-quality features and components, and looking forward to his first experience with an e-bike equipped with a torque sensor. It's fair to say, the ride did not disappoint! "You start pedaling, and that torque sensor – you pedal harder and it goes faster, it feels so natural! I gotta say, the torque sensor is a just a game-changer in electric bikes, for me."

Chris was also impressed by the e-bike's sleek design, saying that you wouldn't know from a glance that it was an e-bike, and demonstrating its light weight by picking up with just two fingers! He also appreciated the diverse choice of color options, going for the Avocado Green.

At TENWAYS we pack our e-bikes with the best possible components that are designed to last, so that riders can enjoy the fun of riding for many years – and miles – to come. Having taken his CGO600 Pro out for an evening ride to meet friends, Chris concluded, "big thumbs up, super nice bike, loved riding it and I think I'll be holding onto this one for a while."


Explore the fun

Braille Skateboarding channel also took the CGO600 Pro for a spin, convinced by the great array of quality features – the removable battery, Gates carbon belt drive, torque sensor and the comfortable upright position enabled by the adjustable handlebar stem. Team member Nigel was tasked with taking the bike to go exploring for a new skate park – and even tried it out on a few ramps!


Hear from Tenwayers

Making cycling a joy is one of our main aims here at TENWAYS, and we're always glad to hear people's stories about their experience!

Tenwayer Delian R. concurred with our experts, saying "The bike is just amazing, a joy to ride and look at! The green colour is beautiful!"

Tenwayer Bartjan V. said, "The single gear concept works amazing! Together with the belt drive and smooth support through the torque sensor, this results in a light weight bike featuring a simple and sleek design."


Explore for yourself

Now that we've heard from both the experts and real-life Tenwayers alike, it's the perfect time to check out the CGO600 Pro in detail. Don't forget to let us know what you think if you decide to join our growing community!

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