4 tips for taking care of e-bike battery

4 tips for taking care of e-bike battery

If you feel concerned about the useful life of your e-bike's battery, you are definitely not alone. As a new battery can be costly, taking good care of your current one is certainly worth the effort. Most e-bike battery cells are good for 400-500 full charge-depletion cycles, and proper handling can double that number! Though e-bike battery care may seem full of nuances, there is an easy way to think about it. The battery is like a person, and you need proper diet (charge), exercise (discharge), and rest (storage), in a comfortable environment (temperature) to stay healthy. You may not need to follow all these steps perfectly every time, but adding them to your routine will certainly improve your battery's longevity.

Charge the battery properly

Charging is the battery's diet. To stay healthy, both "overeating" and "starvation" should be avoided. Staying at full charge all the time will accelerate cell deterioration, or battery cells left empty could starve to death. We recommend a charging cycle between 20% and 80% state of charge, where a timer can be used to prevent over-charging. Usually, 1-2 hours is enough for preparing for your next ride. If you’re planning an extended ride, fully charging the e-bike right before starting out is the best policy. And one last important thing: only use the charger provided by the seller, as it is your e-bike's most suitable source of power.

Discharge the battery moderately

Discharging is like a battery's physical exercise, and the key to longevity is to not overdo it. Battery cells are OK with regular moderate cardio, but they can feel stressed out when the motor constantly asks for max power. Therefore, the best way to conserve the battery cells’ energy while riding is to use PAS level 1 (or eco mode on some bikes) and pedal smoothly on the road. It is OK to enjoy the max power boost sometimes, but it’s best not to use it for an extended period. If your battery is depleted within one hour of use, then we would highly recommend you consider taking another route or lowering the PAS level. Also, we advise checking the tires are inflated at the recommended pressure before each ride, because this can help slow down battery depletion by as much as 15%.

Store the battery with care

When leaving an e-bike idle for an extended time, you should keep the battery neither empty nor fully charged. A 40%-70% charge level is recommended, and the battery should be checked at least once per month. If the state of charge drops to below 20%, then you should charge it back up to 40%-70%. Also, we recommend you keep the battery at room temperature, and in a dry environment.

Most Importantly, It’s Fun and Cool

Riding an e-bike is so much more than “just” an efficient way of cycling. Feeling the breeze of the wind and the delight and freedom behind it, you would definitely go farther, faster, healthier and happier on the e-bike. Never forget that your e-bike is a reflection of who you are. TENWAYS CGO600 is a perfect choice and the exact cool way of showing your care about the environment.

Keep the battery at a suitable temperature

Batteries are sensitive to temperature, just like we are. To help batteries stay healthy, you should avoid charging and discharging at extreme temperatures. The recommended temperature range is 7 - 26 degrees Celsius (45-85 degrees Fahrenheit). In addition, you should not leave the battery directly exposed to strong sunlight, because the core temperature can easily pass its limit after 20-30 minutes. Finally, after extended riding, we recommend you wait 15-20 minutes before charging, to allow the cells to cool down.

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