Why might a single-speed bike be right for you?

Why might a single-speed bike be right for you?

Single-speed bikes, including electric-powered versions, have become popular with riders of all kinds around the world. If you've never tried out a single-speed bike and are wondering what all the fuss is about, we're here to help shed some light on the subject!

What is a single-speed bike?

Though the terms ‘single-speed' and ‘fixie' are often used interchangeably, it's good to know their subtle differences. A fixed-gear bike (to give a fixie its full name) has no freewheel function, which essentially means that the pedals will always be moving if the rear wheel is moving.

In contrast, single-speed bikes include a freewheel as part of the single-gear ratio, which means that you can coast in between bouts of pedaling, as you might be used to doing on a regular geared bike.



Generally speaking, fixies are mainly used by professional cyclists for indoor racing, and by dedicated fixie-lovers in city cycling scenarios, as the level of skill needed for handling a fixie is quite high. Single-speed bikes are more widely used in everyday riding by a range of cyclists.


Why go with a single-speed option?

Single-speed bikes help to keep things simple! Without a complicated traditional derailleur set-up, where there are a chain and multiple gearing cogs to keep lubricated and tuned up, a single-speed set-up is much easier – and less expensive – to maintain. This is a big plus point for keen single-speed owners for winter riding and regular commuting.



This simpler arrangement can also mean that a bike is a lot lighter than one with the multi-geared derailleur and cassette, which in turn makes the bike easier to handle. The single-speed drivetrain (the chain or belt connecting the gear to the crank) is also much more efficient, as it doesn't need to step through a derailleur's stages, and there is no twisting of the chain.


Accidental damage is less likely to happen too. A bike with a derailleur set is more vulnerable to the effects of knocks and scrapes during riding, due to its position standing out from the rear wheel's hub. A single-speed hub is more compact and protected by the bike frame, bringing riders additional peace of mind.

Not forgetting the added bonus that a single-speed bike looks very streamlined, especially when paired with a sleek belt drive – check out the clean lines of the TENWAYS CGO600 for instance!


Instant fun

A single-gear bike (or e-bike) has greater responsiveness than its multi-geared counterparts, allowing the rider to feel more in tune with their bike. Less time is spent trying to work out which is the best gear to be in, and more time simply pedaling and having fun during the ride.



Many riders who've not tried a single-speed bike worry about tackling hills without the option of stepping down to a lower gear. This is where the beauty of an e-bike comes in; a power-assisted single-speed model will offer differing levels of assistance, which will enhance the rider's efforts enough to help them approach steeper roads with confidence!


Ideal for commuting

The lighter weight, responsiveness, and easy maintenance of single-speed models make them an attractive choice for those looking to commute by bike. Any commuter needs a reliable mode of transport, and when you choose two wheels, you're much more in charge – say goodbye to train delays and being caught up in heavy traffic!


An additional advantage of a cycling commute is, of course, that you get a workout on the way to and from work. A single-speed bike can help you build fitness levels more than you might with a multi-geared model; the added versatility of a commuting e-bike will ensure that you're ready to tackle all parts of your journey, while still maintaining fitness.

Explore our single-speed bikes

Our range of e-bikes have been engineered with a high-quality single-speed rear wheel hub, which provides a super-smooth ride with great responsiveness to your pedaling input, and a range of power-assist levels to give you that extra boost when needed. Added to this is the Gates carbon belt drive, which provides trouble-free riding for 30,000km. Sound like your ideal ride? Check out the TENWAYS range today!

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