Unveiling E-bikes' Fitness Potential

Unveiling E-bikes' Fitness Potential

How often have you heard someone state that "e-bikes are cheating!"? This common misconception arises when people mistakenly perceive e-bikes as being a traditional bike's leisurely cousin, offering riders zero activity. We're here today to bust that myth! Read on for why e-bikes are great for a moderate workout and can form the foundation for a healthy fitness regime!


Clearing up misconceptions

E-bikes utilize what's known as a pedelec system, merging the rider's pedaling effort with motor assistance. This means that when you pedal, the motor kicks in, providing a proportional added boost. While this assistance can reduce the level of physical exertion needed to travel forward, it doesn't eliminate it entirely. Riders still engage in a meaningful workout, just at a lower intensity when they pedal with e-assistance, meaning that e-bikes contribute toward increased physiological benefits for riders and can help them meet physical activity recommendations.



E-biking benefits

The less-intense physical exertion required for e-bikes translates into a more enjoyable biking experience with minimized stress on joints and muscles. This enables you to ride faster and longer, resulting in extended active time. Recent studies have demonstrated that e-bikers spend more time riding and cover more distance than riders of traditional bikes! Since these rides can be less physically exhausting, many e-cyclists report increased enjoyment from their rides, being able to enjoy outdoor activity to its fullest potential.

For those new to exercise or cycling, e-bikes help to eliminate the intimidation factor, making cruising a breeze. The sense of accomplishment that e-bikes bring, whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, serves as motivation to keep pedalling. Plus, you needn't worry about lagging behind when riding with friends; the electrical assist ensures you can catch up easily.



How to get more exercise with a TENWAYS e-bike

TENWAYS' range of e-bikes have been designed to bring the joy of cycling to riders of all kinds, with varying levels of electric assistance and a super-smooth riding experience. Follow a few simple tips for ways to make your TENWAYS journey more of a workout.

  • Adjust your assistance: Set the electrical assistance level as low as your bike allows – or perhaps off altogether. Even without powered assist, TENWAYS' tech ensures a smooth ride.
  • Start slowly: If you're new to cycling, begin with shorter, easier rides and gradually increase the length or intensity whenever you feel ready!
  • Plan your route: With a little forward thinking, you can ensure that you are tackling routes suitable for your current fitness level, allowing you to plan your eventual progress to more challenging rides.
  • Prioritise recovery: This is possibly one of the most important factors for all forms of exercise. If you don't plan for proper recuperation you may feel tired and lethargic on your next ride. It's important to give your body the rest it needs to keep up your momentum. Don't push yourself too hard!
  • Make it fun: there's real joy in trying new things and pushing yourself in your next adventures, whether that includes exploring new places, or group rides with friends, family or cycling enthusiasts. These social rides foster relationships, create connections, and can bring you lasting friendships. You can read more of our tips about group rides here.

All these steps are pivotal to building a lasting cycling habit. Before long, you'll be considering yourself a seasoned cyclist, and enjoying all the physical and mental benefits of your exercise routine! For a more in-depth guide to building up good two-wheeled habits, check out our earlier blog here.


A gateway to fitness

So we can clearly see that e-bikes are not just a leisurely mode of transportation; they are a gateway to a fulfilling fitness journey through low-impact activity. Start your path to a healthier, fitter you with a TENWAYS e-bike today!

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