How to get fit on an e-bike

How to get fit on an e-bike

Many of us want to get fitter, but dread the anticipated fatigue, sweat, and commitment!

But what if a workout doesn't need to be like that? Cycling is one of the best get-fit exercises, and e-bikes, with their added batteries and motors, make it more accessible than ever. Thanks to the adjustable pedal assist, riders can train as easily or as hard as they want. If you're looking to get fit with an e-bike, read on for our 6 top tips.

Use the right pedal-assist level

The pedal assist makes e-bikes great exercise buddies for cycling beginners. Most e-bikes feature at least 3 pedal assist levels, which help to regulate pedaling effort.

When we first start exercising, we're often overly ambitious. New riders can become easily exhausted and discouraged by too low a pedal assist level from day 1. On the other hand, using the highest pedal assist constantly may barely raise the heart rate. Moderation is key. Start with a medium pedal-assist level and gradually lower it as you get fitter.

Eventually, you can exercise with the e-bike power off. If you're worried about pedalling a clunky, heavy e-bike in power-off mode, we have the perfect option for you. Thanks to the clutched motor, the TENWAYS CGO600 is just as smooth and enjoyable even without the power.

Ride often

In this hectic world, we're all short of time. We get it. That's why we recommend integrating your e-bike into as many journeys as possible: to get good exercise en route to your destination. Thanks to motor support, e-bikes can replace many urban car trips. You could switch your daily car commute for an e-bike. On a grocery run, why not reach for your e-bike instead of the car key? Research shows we need at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to stay fit. When looking to lose weight, we should at least double that number.

By replacing car trips with e-bike rides, 300 minutes of moderate exercise each week is easily achievable, without having to visit the gym! Even better, it's no chore getting back on the saddle after a long ride. Exercise all you want at a lower pedal assist level, and switch to a higher level when you feel tired.

Add occasional challenges

As you get fitter, why not incorporate some climbs as an extra challenge? Beating steep slopes brings great satisfaction and the motivation to continue training - plus, feeling the wind and acceleration during the descent is awesome! Occasional challenges are a good way to avoid the "workout plateau", where you exercise every day while barely seeing progress.

Ride with others

Sometimes we just need a little push to get out and start pedaling, and riding with others is a great motivator. Riding with a friend, you can transform a simple workout into unique fun moments. Even if your friend's an avid cyclist, the motor will help you easily catch up! On a family e-bike workout session, all family members can choose their preferred effort level with ease.

Diet matters

Though not directly related to e-bikes, this tip is crucially important. Research shows the average person burns about 300-400 calories per hour on an e-bike, but of course, a person can eat way more calories within an hour! However, eating fewer calories doesn't necessarily mean feeling constantly hungry, if we choose the right food. You should consult your doctor or a nutritionist for specific diet recommendations, but general guidance includes:

  • Eat more fiber, like vegetables and fruits.
  • Replace processed with natural foods.
  • Avoid added sugar.
  • Replace refined grain with whole grain.
  • Replace full-fat dairy products with lower-fat options.
  • Choose a lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish) over fatty options.

Start right away

Ultimately, as with other ways to exercise, time and effort reap rewards. Unlike many other forms of exercise, you'll never feel bored on an e-bike. You'll soon discover the fun of exercising while exploring new roads, visiting new places, and meeting new people. If you don't yet own an e-bike, the most important tip is this: find the right one for you, and start pedaling away!

TENWAYS is keen to share your attitude and lifestyle, and accompany you on your way to work, friends and families on your e-bikes. Please check out TENWAYS on our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We are looking forward to exploring a fun journey with you!

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