How much money can you save by riding an e-bike?

How much money can you save by riding an e-bike?

There are so many benefits to riding an e-bike; many say that it helps improve their health, and without direct emissions, there are positive effects on the environment, both of which are priceless.

However, there is one benefit of e-bikes you definitely can put a price tag on the cost savings. In today's blog, we'll look at how much money you can save by riding an e-bike instead of driving a car.

Spoiler alert: the boost to your wallet is huge.

Annual fuel cost savings: €850 - €1700

If you're a car owner, you don't need to read the news to know that fuel prices are hitting historical highs. People across the world are dreading a trip to the gas station. Taking Germany as an example, one liter of petrol costs the shocking price of 2.1 euros right now. An average driver with 11,300 km annual mileage would need to pay €1,737 in fuel costs alone!

On the other hand, it costs almost nothing to charge an e-bike. In the same country, Germany, 1000Wh of electricity only costs about €0.3. This is enough electricity to charge up your e-bike battery a few times! With 2.1 euros, which one is the best value? 1 liter of petrol, or 7000Wh of electricity? The answer is quite straightforward.

If you can replace 50% of your car trips with e-bikes, you'll be able to save more than €850 every year!

Parking savings: €3 per hour

The title says it all: when was the last time you paid to park your bike? Most likely the answer is: never!

Conversely, parking a car is quite a different story. Parking fees vary widely from country to country, however, a 2016 survey showed the average in Europe at €3 per hour, and it is bound to be even higher now. It may not seem much at first glance, but you'll come to a different conclusion after multiplying that by 8 hours a day and 260 working days.

We understand, most likely you have a way better deal than paying for the full retail price. However, we can all agree no one likes parking bills or the hassle of finding spaces inside crowded parking lots.

Other cost savings: €300 - €800 per month

Besides fuel and parking, owning and driving a car exerts yet more pressure on your pocket. According to a 2021 survey, the true cost of owning a car in Europe can be somewhere between €364 and €708 per month!

On the contrary, owning an e-bike is far less hassle! You don't need to pay any extra taxes, fees, or insurance for owning it! Though you still need to maintain your e-bike from time to time, the cost is still way below that of cars!

You may ask, “How much do I have to pay for maintaining a TENWAYS e-bike?” The answer is almost zero! We have a highly responsive customer support team and promise to respond to all your requests within 24 hours. Once an issue is identified, we will send you spare parts for free with no extra questions asked, and cover the cost of replacing them at professional bike shops near you. With the TENWAYS warranty, e-bike maintenance is super economical and super easy!

Savings from a positive lifestyle: priceless

Of course, it's not just about the traffic bills. E-bikes can also help you to cut down on everyday expenditure in many other ways:

You can enjoy more spare time by riding an e-bike, as they're faster than cars on crowded, traffic-heavy streets.

You can get a good workout just by riding to and back from work, meaning you could cut down your gym membership fee.

Riding an e-bike is an economic way to have some great fun, and does not have any "cost per entry".

Exercising with an e-bike regularly can greatly improve your physical and mental health, helping you avoid medical bills…

The list goes on! If you have some creative ideas about saving money with e-bikes, why not share them with us? We’d love to hear from you!

Saddle up and save up

So how much money can you save with an e-bike? The answer is: it's mostly up to you, and significant savings are clearly possible! If you can replace at least 50% of car journeys with e-bike rides, you'll be pleased to see the reductions in your household bills every month. When adding all the numbers up, don't be surprised if your e-bike "pays for itself" in one year's time!

To help you save even more, we are adding a pair of mudguards and a kickstand for free on all e-bike orders! Get your CGO600 today, and make a start on your very own saving journey!

TENWAYS is keen to share your attitude and lifestyle, and accompany you on your way to work, friends and families on your e-bikes. Please check out TENWAYS on our YouTubeInstagram and Facebook. We are looking forward to exploring a fun journey with you!

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