How does AGO T measure up to the rest of the family?

How does AGO T measure up to the rest of the family?

At TENWAYS we were inspired to develop our latest e-bike creation, AGO T, by the ever-evolving needs of different rider lifestyles. It's an urban e-bike with a comfortable, elegant design that's built to combine premium performance, style and practicality without the sky-high price! AGO T has been created to empower riders to shine in the urban jungle with comfort, whether it is for running errands, climbing slopes or carrying loads. It is the latest member of the TENWAYS line-up that has been developed with our core DNA principles in mind; a smooth riding experience, a super sharp and functional design, and a high-quality build and finish, with minimal maintenance needed!

Our TENWAYS family members are packed with a whole range of features that deliver their own special take on commuting, urban or rural adventures, and we'd love riders to understand them better so they can find the best ride to match their needs. Here we will shine the spotlight on our newest roll-out AGO T, alongside its sibling AGO X and cousins from the CGO range.


AGO T: premium performance in complex urban scenarios

AGO T is the latest model to join the AGO series, a range of electric bicycles designed to tackle steeper hills and trickier terrain with ease. They are more robust than the CGO models, which are lightweight and optimized for urban commuting on flatter ground. AGO T boasts a super-streamlined, functional design fit for many purposes, with an integrated rear carrier to carry loads of up to 55 lbs, perfect to cope with the ups and downs of urban life including shopping and other heavy-duty tasks. Carefully selected components work perfectly together to unlock supreme performance and comfort as users go about their day in style! AGO T takes the load off for those with busy schedules and multiple commitments so they can smoothly navigate their way through the hustle and bustle of city life.



Meet the robust, capable AGO T and AGO X

Sturdy siblings AGO T and AGO X from the vigorous AGO range both unleash powerful speed and assistance for steep rides. They are uniquely designed to cater to different environments for riders; here's a quick lowdown on some differences and similarities between these models:

  • AGO T could be viewed as the halfway point between its sibling, wild explorer AGO X and the urban commuting CGO series, with its ability to navigate steep city roads with substantial baggage!
  • AGO X is TENWAYS' strongest ride, built for an array of complex riding scenarios including rural terrain, with its replaceable tires and a travel distance in the suspension fork of 100 mm.
  • They both feature powerful Bafang mid-motors which deliver up to 80 Nm of Torque, with the sporty, rural adventurer AGO X reaching this easily during riding, while AGO T keeps to 55 Nm of torque in normal situations, with the capability to ramp it up when conditions demand it.
  • Their motors' high-end performance is complemented by outstanding hill-climbing gear-shifting systems. AGO T's innovative Enviolo stepless shifting hub enables smooth, easy shifting. A robust Shimano 10-speed drivetrain on the AGO X makes it exceptional for tackling inclines.

Both models are designed for slightly taller riders; you can check out all the vital specifications on our comparison page.



AGO T and CGO800S: flexible urban rides with supreme comfort

The classically Dutch-style urban commuter CGO800S features matching range capability as the AGO series – all have portable batteries empowering them to reach distances up to 62 miles. AGO T and CGO800S also share super-low-maintenance Gates Carbon Belt drive systems, which gift riders with intuitive, smooth and stress-free riding for thousands of kilometers. When it comes to steeper terrain, AGO T has the added advantage of its Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub, which enables much easier hill-climbing. CGO800S, as a Dutch-style e-bike, is designed with a single-speed set-up perfect for flatter urban streets.

Both AGO T and CGO800S feature step-through frames, making them super-adaptable and comfortable for riders who prefer an e-bike that's easier to mount, dismount and ride.



CGO600 and CGO600 Pro: lightweight, nimble commuting

For those that desire a supremely lightweight commuter ride that's stealthy enough to be taken for a regular bike, CGO600 and CGO600 Pro are great options. Light enough to be ridden with zero power assistance, both require very little maintenance, featuring 250W and 350W brushless motors and that super-reliable Gates Carbon Belt for extra peace of mind in the long term! With their stylish appearance and silky-smooth riding feel, they bring the best of both worlds for riders that like to switch between the experience of an electric and non-electric bike. CGO600 is the lightest TENWAYS model, tipping the scales at only 33 lbs, and has an integrated battery that takes only 3 hours to charge, perfect for busy commuters! CGO600 remains the most cost-effective TENWAYS model, while its Pro sibling carries extra features such as a portable battery and adjustable handlebar stem, for additional flexibility.



Finding the perfect TENWAYS e-bike

We hope this guide has given you a decent intro to the AGO T, and the similarities and differences between the TENWAYS line-up, all so you can decide which model suits you best! You could also check out our tips on choosing the perfect e-bike to help your decision-making further.

Cheers for reading, and feel free to join our global community to chat with other e-bike enthusiasts!

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