From e-bike SUV to city commuter: which TENWAYS e-bike fits your lifestyle best?

From e-bike SUV to city commuter: which TENWAYS e-bike fits your lifestyle best?

The TENWAYS range of e-bikes is growing, with a strong DNA clearly evident in each and every model. An exceptionally smooth riding experience, beautiful and thoughtful design, high-quality build and finish, minimal maintenance requirements – all of these are key features of TENWAYS e-bikes, already being enjoyed by thousands of happy Tenwayers around the world. It's always been our mission to make daily riding effortless, speedy, eco-friendly, and fun, with high-quality e-bikes accessible to as many people as possible. With more choices now than ever before, let's explore which distinct TENWAYS model might just be the perfect choice for your next set of wheels.


The latest arrivals

We have recently proudly welcomed two new additions to its two-wheeled family, the AGO X and CGO600 Pro. Both deliver an exceptional riding experience, but what sets them apart is their ability to cater to the needs of very different kinds of riders. The latest addition AGO X is the first in TENWAYS' range to feature a super-powerful mid-motor paired with a chain drivetrain, setting it up perfectly for those needing to tackle hills or trickier terrain, and take on heavier loads. The CGO600 Pro, in contrast, is designed for those looking for a sleek, stylish and lightweight daily commuting option for longer distances.


Meet the family

Check out the features that make each TENWAYS model unique, and find your perfect partner!


Designed as an urban all-rounder, packed full of exciting and super-useful features, AGO X is made for conquering hills and carrying substantial loads, with excellent off-road capability, too. At the heart of AGO X lies the latest Bafang M410 motor, with maximum 80 Nm torque, paired with a Shimano 10-speed drivetrain – a truly powerful combination that leaves regular city bikes in the dust! With up to 100km range, AGO X will easily handle your daily needs, whether that's commuting or daily errands, while also being the ideal partner for off-road fun, too.

AGO X is ideal for: Anyone living in the suburbs, with longer rides, tackling tougher and off-road terrain, and with more loads to carry. You'll love the versatility built into AGO X!


CGO600 Pro

Our lightweight champion, CGO600 Pro, is sleekly designed to look, at first glance, like a regular bike, but its 360 Wh portable battery stealthily packs in an impressive range of up to 100km, making it an ideal option for more extensive or demanding city commutes on relatively flat roads. With its Gates carbon belt drive set-up, maintenance is at an absolute minimum – ride worry-free and arrive at your destination energized every time! An excellent-value choice for committed commuters.

CGO600 Pro is suited to: People with a longer regular commuting schedule, who prefer a nimble, sporty ride. You'll be sure to appreciate all the features packed into CGO600 Pro.



The most lightweight TENWAYS model, CGO600 has a sleek and sporty profile, looking very much like a regular bike to most casual observers. With its built-in battery delivering up to 70km range, and the Gates carbon belt and rear hub motor providing the signature TENWAYS smooth, quiet ride, this is the most cost-effective e-bike in the TENWAYS range, ideally suited to urban commuters.

CGO600 is perfect for: All those seeking a convenient, cost-effective and stylish urban commuting option. You'll fall for the beautiful simplicity of CGO600.



A classy, step-through, Dutch-style model, CGO800S is designed for ultimate comfort. An upright riding style is combined with comfort-enhancing features such as a suspension front fork to absorb the bumps of city roads, and a Selle Royal saddle. The step-through frame is ideal for everyone who prefers an easier way to mount their bike – no worries if you are wearing a skirt, have knee problems, or simply like a quick and easy way to hop into the saddle! With a portable battery, charging is convenient and up to 100km of range helps power your explorations.

CGO800S is suitable for: Suburban dwellers who prefer a comfortable, upright ride on flatter roads, who are running errands, carrying loads or commuting for longer distances. You'll find your ideal partner in CGO800S!


Find your match

Now that you've met the TENWAYS family and got to know their individual strengths, it's the perfect time to join the ever-growing worldwide Tenwayers' community!

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