Embrace World Car-Free Day with an e-bike

Embrace World Car-Free Day with an e-bike

Every year, September 22nd is World Car-free Day, encouraging people worldwide to leave their cars at home and explore the possibilities of alternative transport. This tradition was first practiced in the 1970s and has since evolved into an annual opportunity to promote sustainability, welcome cleaner air, and enjoy the lack of traffic congestion. People choose to travel to school, work, and for days out on foot, by public transport – and, of course, on two wheels. Let's explore why an e-bike is an excellent choice, not just for Car-free Day, but every day!


Beat the traffic

One major problem in urban areas that we all face is congested traffic. It's undoubtedly a source of frustration for many, with wasted time, increased stress, and higher fuel consumption all topping the lists of individual drivers' annoyances. Fossil-fuel-powered cars are also significant contributors to air pollution; worldwide, passenger cars represent a staggering 39% of all carbon dioxide emissions.



By opting for an e-bike instead of relying on a car for your commute, you'll not only remove yourself from traffic jams but also inspire others to follow suit. The more people who choose sustainable transport options such as e-bikes, which offer the advantageous ability to allow riders to easily weave through traffic, the less crowded our city streets will become. At TENWAYS, we're firm believers that each person riding an e-bike can make a significant contribution to a greener future!


Boost your health

Whether you are walking to the bus stop or setting out on two wheels, choosing a car alternative is a great way to begin a personal fitness journey. It's well known that cycling, both on traditional and electrically assisted bikes, provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. If you're concerned about cycling longer distances, an e-bike could just be your ideal partner – it makes traveling further feel easier and is gentler on your knees and other joints than traditional cycling.



Kinder on your wallet

Owning and maintaining a car can be expensive – with fuel, insurance, parking fees, and upkeep all to consider. In contrast, an e-bike is highly cost-effective. Charging the battery costs considerably less than filling up a gas tank (or charging an electric car), as well as lower general maintenance costs – especially with the TENWAYS range, which is engineered to require minimal upkeep.



E-bikes are, quite simply, a highly convenient way to get around. They allow you to zip through heavy traffic, and to reach your destination quickly without having to worry about finding a parking spot or arriving drenched in sweat. Going for an option that includes heavy-duty carrier racks, such as our AGO T, this makes your ride even more versatile, enabling you to run errands, such as grocery shopping, by two wheels rather than four. In addition, many people around the world are choosing cargo bikes as flexible and viable alternatives to cars for family transportation.


Greater accessibility

Compared to traditional cycles, e-bikes make traveling by two wheels a more attractive prospect to a wider range of individuals, of varying ages and fitness levels. With e-bikes' electrically assisted pedal-power boost, it can be easier to tackle hills and cover longer distances. What better time than World Car-free Day to give traveling by e-bike a try?



Beyond World Car-free Day

Car-free Day is a fantastic springboard from which to explore a whole world of possibilities in sustainable transport. If you hop on to the saddle of an e-bike, you'll be joining a worldwide community of ecologically conscious travelers, including our very own Tenwayers community, whose members love to share stories of their rides and some top tips, too! Each member of the TENWAYS community has also contributed to innovative reforestation through our partnership with Just One Tree; with each TENWAYS e-bike purchased, a tree is planted, helping to ensure cleaner air and a greener future.

Be part of a greener future, making as many days as possible car-free with an awesome range of alternatives!

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