6 Reasons to have an e-bike this Autumn

6 Reasons to have an e-bike this Autumn

Maybe you've heard all the hype these days about e-bikes and want to get the lowdown on their benefits. Perhaps you've been wanting to make a change in your lifestyle but are overwhelmed by information and opinions. We've got you covered! Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or brand new to biking, let's take a look at some of the reasons to switch on to e-bikes.


E-bikes save you money

The whole world has felt the pinch of rising fuel costs, and many of us have given our lifestyles a serious audit to see how we can keep costs down. If you are a driver, making the switch to an e-bike might just be one of the most impactful moves you could make. A little electric power makes the step into cycling a lot softer if you are struggling with the idea of cutting down on car journeys. Plus not only are you saving on fossil fuel, but you won't have to pay ever-rising car parking charges, insurance, maintenance and tax.

It's not just drivers who can enjoy the financial benefits of e-bikes. Depending on the cost of pubic transport where you live, and the frequency of use, you could be recouping the full cost of your e-bike in under a year! David Arthur of Just Ride Bikes did the maths after test riding and loving the TENWAYS CGO600 Pro and found 2 years of bus rides would hit the magic number for him.



Less maintenance compared to cars and motorbikes

Say farewell to expensive wear and tear replacements and enjoy cheaper annual maintenance checkups. Electric bikes have fewer and less complex parts than internal combustion engine vehicles, and more than that, at TENWAYS we designed our bikes with quality and longevity built in. The Gates carbon belt drive can bring you thousands of kilometres of maintenance-free, smooth performance, while high-quality brakes, fully encased motors, clean welding finishing and more, will keep you in the saddle for longer between tune-ups.



E-bikes boost your health and fitness

It's official, e-bikers are not lazy! Multiple published research articles have found that cyclists riding with the added benefit of electric assist tend to ride further and more often than regular cyclists. We don't want to overwhelm you with links but the info is too good to ignore, because it's not just about building muscle; being on a bike helps keep your brain fit, improving your mood and slowing ageing! Just being outside more often also improves your vitamin D intake and sleep quality. So electric bikes can genuinely help you hit your goals for active and outdoor time, making for huge health wins.


Riding electric helps our environment

Just like reviewer David Arthur above, many e-bikers have been inspired to give up their car thanks to the benefits of riding an e-bike. And this leads on to another big hitter - you are helping to save our environment. In the transportation sector you might feel like it's long-haul flights and choking freight fumes that are doing the most damage, but figures reveal passenger cars make up the majority of carbon emissions at a huge 39%. With medium and heavy trucks next up at 23%, electric cargo bikes are also helping more and more businesses to make real and positive changes towards cleaner air.



Helping more people become green urban warriors is the major motivation behind our brand, but Team TENWAYS wanted to go one step further. When you buy an e-bike from TENWAYS, you are also planting one tree. We chose to partner with the awesome organization, Just One Tree to help plant forests in the name of our Tenwayers. So far our riders have helped to remove 2.4million grams of CO₂ from the atmosphere.


E-bikes are more convenient and flexible

Are you unsure about bicycle commuting because you don't want to arrive hot and bothered? No sweat, e-bike it and forget having to think about a change of clothes. Sudden detour leading you further or steeper than you might feel comfortable with? Electric power has got your back. And most TENWAYS batteries are portable for easy charging, plus we even designed a handy power bank to help support your rides where needed. Technologies for electric bikes are better than ever, and investment in urban cycling infrastructure is going from strength to strength, making it so much easier to choose e-pedal power to keep you on the move.



You can find more fun

Car commuting is stressful, public transport can often run late or put you in a crush of people. When you journey by e-bike, you are suddenly more in touch with the world around you, breezing past the traffic our even taking a route away from it entirely. It's so much easier to notice something new or stop to enjoy it. Smooth electric power takes away your worries about steep hills or keeping up with super speedy friends. And biking can be a real social activity if that's your thing.

People who have test ridden a TENWAYS can tell you, we designed our e-bikes with a lot of extra touches for the ideal ride. Lightweight and sleek frames like the CGO600 and CGO600 Pro are a delight. The way the electric assist kicks in so stealthily, with just the right level of support, you can't help but smile.

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