5 tips to prepare for your first e-bike trip

5 tips to prepare for your first e-bike trip

It's been a hot summer, but the temperature is finally dropping and there's no better way to enjoy autumn than on two wheels! If you're hoping to start your cycling journey this season, we're here to help with our top 5 tips for that long-awaited first extended trip. Whether it's a one-day adventure or a weeklong exploration, prepare for anything with our latest guide.

Plan ahead

Logistics: a dream for some people and for others a nightmare, but there's no denying that some of the best trips come together when the basics are sorted in advance. When it comes to trips that take multiple days, there are lots to consider when scouting your destination. Ideally, try and create a route that offers the most fun, while also considering road conditions, food supplies, local bike shops, public charging stations, and lodging. Choosing a 'well-stocked' journey will ensure that there's always help at hand; useful for your first trip where many experiences may be new!

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Of course, it can seem daunting to consider so many aspects of planning, but you don't always have to do it on your own. Reach out to travel companies, cycling clubs, or a professional you know if you want a helping hand. And, if you do decide to do it on your own, there're plenty of apps and websites full of useful info to make planning a breeze.

Check if your planned itinerary is feasible on an e-bike alone, or if you might need to use a backup vehicle to carry the e-bikes some of the distance. Online calculators can help you to work out the distances it's possible to travel.


Check your tech

No one likes a mechanical mishap, so put in the work beforehand to keep your journey smooth. We highly recommend a detailed round of inspection on your bike or e-bike before you hop into the saddle. If you're unsure how to do this, your local bike shop will be more than happy to help! Some key areas to focus on include:

  • Tires – make sure there are no bulges or other signs of punctures
  • Brakes – check that any brake pads are not too worn down and that there’s no rubbing against the rim or brake disk
  • Drive train – check that the belt or chain is moving smoothly through the set when you turn the crank
  • Nuts and bolts – check for a nicely secure, tight connection

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Also, make sure you're familiar with the solutions to a few common cycling problems too; puncture repair is a must. Depending on the length of your planned trip, the above inspection should be enough to prevent most other cycling mishaps.


Load up on supplies

Now that your bike is at its best, it's time to make sure you are too. Depending on your trip your packing list could be super comprehensive or stripped down to the essentials. To start you off, here are some key items that our team always packs:

  • Back-up cycling clothes
  • Plenty of water
  • High-energy snacks to give you a boost
  • A headlight for any dark scenarios
  • Suncream
  • First aid kit, including items such as plasters in case of blisters, and eye drops – many rookie riders are taken by surprise by the amount of wind encountered on a long ride
  • Bike repair toolkit for quick fixes



Of course, you can pack all these essentials with the TENWAYS pannier bag. It is waterproof and durable, suitable for daily commuting and cycling trips.


Cover your back

We hate to bring up a worst-case scenario, but like any trip, cycling brings a level of risk. It's always best to back yourself and your bike up with travel and bike insurance to limit any potential financial losses.

If you're travelling abroad or to a new city, take a minute to brush up on local traffic rules and regulations, and of course, always keep a trusty helmet to hand!


Eyes to the skies

Keep an eye on the horizon, rider! You can enjoy a cycling trip in any weather with the right equipment and clothing. Check the forecast and prepare adequately; that could mean a few extra layers of waterproof clothing or stocking up on suncream. Riding in comfort is the best way to enjoy your trip to the max. Just make sure you're staying visible on the road with some high-vis clothing or alternate options such as wearable lights.


Energize your trip with extra support

All of our tips can be applied to both conventional bikes and e-bikes, but thanks to electric motor support, a cycling trip on an e-bike is much more enjoyable and achievable for a rookie rider. The TENWAYS CGO600 and CGO800S offer an extra boost to keep you moving, while functioning as regular bikes when you want to work up a sweat!


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