5 tips for riding an e-bike in winter

5 tips for riding an e-bike in winter

Riding an e-bike in winter can be a rewarding experience. You'll definitely be burning those extra calories as the body tries to keep you warm. But more importantly, what could be a greater way than a joyful ride in the freshening breeze to combat the winter blues! As you embrace the crisp morning air and enjoy the mellow sunshine before taking off, don't forget to keep yourself warm, safe, and visible on the roads. So here we have prepared some tips for you before your ride: 


1. Keep yourself warm in an efficient way.

The best way to keep your body warm and cozy while riding in winter is to wear 3-layer clothing, together with some other suitable gears.

  • A base layer for wicking away the moisture.
  • A mid-layer for trapping the heat.
  • An outer layer for protection against the wind, rain, and snow.
  • Layered gloves for warming your fingers.
  • Wool socks, and weather-resistant overshoes for warming your toes.
  • Wool beanie with a mask, even a pair of wind goggles to keep your head and face warm.

      While we all love to stay warm, it is also important to keep in mind that overdoing it before the ride can make the ride less comfortable. If you are feeling a slight touch of the winter chill before getting on the e-bike, then you are wearing the right amount of clothes. 


      2. Plan your route and take it slow.

      As much as we enjoy a spontaneous ride with our e-bikes, we might need to be a bit more cautious at winter times as the roads less traveled by are also less likely to be gritted. And there are several more things to be considered:

      • Make sure that your cycling path is gritted and cleaned.
      • Always stay on the dry lane. If you have to go through an icy road, pedal slowly with a lower assistance level for maximum grip.
      • Brake softly with a longer distance, and always slow down when approaching intersections.

      E-bikes with hydraulic disc brakes are recommended for the winter. The more sensitive brake power comes very handy when the roads get slippery.


      3. Check before, and clean afterward.

      In winter times, proper checking before each ride becomes ever more important. In addition to the regular checkings, we also recommend the following adjustments:

      • Lower your saddle as a lower center of gravity would give you a better sense of control.
      • Let a bit of air out of the tires to reduce the tire pressure for some more traction.
      • Avoid curbs as there might be rocks and garbages hiding under the snow imposing more dangers.

      After enjoying your ride in the cold, always remember to bring your e-bike to a warmer place to keep the electrons healthy. It would also be beneficial to keep your e-bike in a good shape by cleaning the mud and snow it catches on the road.


      4. Always make yourself visible.

      As the winter days can be foggy, it is important to "highlight" your presence on the road. Here are a few steps to take to make yourself more visible to the drivers and other fellow bikers:

      • Wear a coat with reflective strips or a reflective vest.
      • Always turn on the front and the rear lights.
      • Attach additional LED lights to your bike if necessary.


      5. Enjoy your ride!

      Though extra preparations are needed, riding an e-bike in winter can still be a joyful experience. So gear up and enjoy the ride!

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