TENWAYS fights climate change together with Just One Tree

TENWAYS fights climate change together with Just One Tree

We care about the environment as much as we care about our dear customers. For this reason, we are partnering with Just One Tree, an inspiring non-profit organization, to battle global deforestation head-on. For each TENWAYS e-bike sold, we and Just One Tree commit to planting a tree on your behalf.  We are so excited to join this partnership and grow a forest together.

Why plant trees?

The answer is that our planet matters. Trees are often called the lungs of the earth for a good reason. They help to produce the air we breathe every day, while filtering out harmful pollutants. They provide homes to millions of species and absorb dangerous chemicals from the land. Unfortunately, each year we lose an unfathomable 6 million hectares of forests due to human actions, and this trend is not stopping. While the challenge of fighting deforestation is huge, we believe that every tree planted can make a difference.

Our shared dreams

We chose to work with Just One Tree because we share the same passion and values. We both envision a greener and more sustainable world, and we know it can only be achieved by putting people at the center. Just One Tree is not only about planting trees. Through their reforestation projects, they also introduce a more sustainable way of life to the communities living near the forests. By supporting Just One Tree, together we not only remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also promote a greener lifestyle around the world. This is important for us because everyone's effort counts when it comes to saving the planet.

How we work together

With each TENWAYS e-bike sold, we will donate to Just One Tree, funding the planting of a new tree in a carefully selected reforestation project. These schemes provide training and jobs to the local communities and help to restore the surrounding environment. Every tree we plant together helps lay foundations for a more sustainable future.

Our effort does not just stop there

Besides promoting e-bikes as a sustainable way to travel, we know there are more things we can do to save the planet. During production, we control our waste emission to the highest applicable standards and work to offset our carbon footprint through our environmental partnerships.

One mature tree can absorb 22kg of carbon dioxide per year, and we are dedicated to planting plenty of them because our earth is worth fighting for. This partnership is a key part of our mission to take care of the planet and give back to society.

Visit us here to read more about our commitment to the environment and the TENWAYS philosophy. Do also take a look at Just One Tree’s website and explore their incredible reforestation projects.

If you also envision a healthier and more sustainable Earth, it is time to take a step forward and pedal for a greener world with us.


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