Simona and Alessandro's journeys of love

Simona and Alessandro's journeys of love

Alessandro and Simona have known each other since childhood, through a mutual friend. Back then, they never knew that their fate was meant to be intertwined. By chance, they met each other again in 2010 at a friend's wedding, and realized in that romantic setting that they had been searching for each other all along. After a long night's conversation, they decided to be together as partners in life, and have been inseparable ever since. Alessandro and Simona joined the Tenwayers family in 2021 and shared lots of amazing photos of their e-bike trip to Rome. We wanted to hear more of their beautiful story, so set up an online meeting to hear about their adventures.

A shared passion for travel

Alessandro: "We are happily married since 2016 and shared a passion for travel. Simona prefers to visit historical places such as medieval villages, castles, and historic houses. She is in deep love with reading, and our house is filled with books. I love to explore nature, because it is always a great relief to feel the crisp air in the mountains or the forests. When we make plans for trips, we often combine historical sites with nature explorations. We shared many amazing moments together, and the most memorable one was our first visit to Croatia on a motorcycle. We visited many cities, but never expected to fall in love with one particular small fishing village there. The sea was stunningly beautiful, and the kind-hearted people there made us feel at home."

Journey with TENWAYS

Simona & Alessandro: "Rome is just 200km from our home, and we have been there many times since childhood. Our 2021 trip to Rome was slightly different, as we brought our new TENWAYS e-bikes along for the trip. While moving around the city on an e-bike, everything seemed both different and beautifully vivid. I guess it always feels special when riding alongside your loved one. Though we have different physical strengths, the motor's boost helped us to ride together all day. We pedaled along the River Tiber, across the parks and alleys, to see the most beautiful squares, palaces, and monuments in the world. By the way, we found that night riding in Rome feels amazing. When the streets became empty and quiet, riding an e-bike on the old streets feels both indulgent, and thought-provoking."

Saving our precious memories

Simona: "While we travel, Alessandro loves to take videos and photos along the journey. For both him and me, this is our special way of saving precious memories together. We have a YouTube channel for documenting our trips. In particular, we had a 5-episode video series about our honeymoon journey to Japan. We love to watch these videos together from time to time and plan to keep this habit even when we get much older."

Our plan for the next trip

Simona & Alessandro: "Our next trip destination is the Netherlands, and we plan to get there ecologically, maybe with our e-bikes. As nature lovers, we are always concerned about our own carbon footprints. We have enjoyed many beautiful things in this world together, and we want to conserve them for future generations."

Eternal thanks to Simona and Alessandro for a wonderful conversation and the opportunity to learn the 'more than ten ways' they are exploring love and life with their TENWAYS! We wish them many more happy miles on their journey together. If you have a story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

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