"Cycling can bring challenges as we age. E-bikes may be the answer."
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"Cycling can bring challenges as we age. E-bikes may be the answer."

Many of us remember the joy of receiving our first bike as a kid – often wrapped in paper and sitting under the tree as a conspicuously shaped package on Christmas morning! That moment has led to a long-lived love of cycling for folk everywhere, but it’s an undeniable fact that, as we get older, riding a traditional bike can become a little more difficult. Lots of more mature cycling lovers are discovering that a little powered assistance can go a long way in helping them get back in the saddle.

At TENWAYS we’re truly heartened to see that for many people in our cycling community, our e-bikes have helped rekindle a dwindling love for two-wheeled travel. To quote one happy Tenwayer, Inge, "Cycling is finally fun again!" Let’s hear what our riders across the globe are saying:

Exploring France with Stephanie and Chris

Stephanie and Chris Dagg, both in their 60s, moved from Ireland to France in 2006, and now run carp fishing holidays and are llama farmers, among many other interests! They are both lifelong cycling lovers with many thousands of kilometers traveled on their touring bikes, but were finding that a trip to the nearest town on their traditional leg-powered cycles could take all morning.

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They wanted to avoid using the car as much as possible, so bought a pair of TENWAYS CGO800S, and have been regularly exploring the local area ever since! As well as using the e-bikes for shopping errands, there have been birdwatching outings, trips to nearby festivals, and plans are being made for longer trips in conjunction with the Daggs’ campervan. As Stephanie says on her blog, "No longer do we avoid certain routes because of uninviting upwards gradients, and taking long cuts has become a pleasure."

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More family members are getting involved, too – Stephanie recently shared a photo of a new CGO800S on her blog: “This new bike is for our son. Being one of the screen generation, he needs a bit of encouragement to get out and about. Also, a pedal bike presents him with a few problems for genuine reasons. Having seen and experienced for ourselves how well-engineerd, powerful and pleasant to ride the CGO800Ss are, we were delighted to be able to get one for him too.”

We wish you all many more fun TENWAYS trips ahead!

Tim refreshes his riding relationship

Tim Hendrickson from Nashville, Tennessee was excited to share his experience with his TENWAYS CGO600. He put it simply in his post shared to the TENWAYS Facebook community group: “I’m 75 years old. Recently started riding a TENWAYS eBike that’s pedal assist only. Allows me to ride a lot farther.” The conversation flowed, with other Tenwayers sharing their experiences, and Tim went on to share that "I realized that my CGO600 was a huge reason that I’m biking like a kid again! I plan to ride well into my 80s!"

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In response to more questions in the group, Tim revealed that "Biking has been my primary exercise since the mid 1970s. It’s low-impact and I truly love to ride. I used to hike and backpack until arthritis in my feet put a stop to that. My wife is 64 and rides with me. I bought my CGO600 ride more easily with her. So keep riding!"

Tim was happy to share with us some of the main reasons he chose the CGO600 as his first e-bike. The fact that it’s lightweight, sleek and looks like a regular bicycle were big factors, and for the trails he and his wife ride, a bike without gears was perfect.

Finding the fun factor with Inge

Inge Kolb describes herself, amongst other things, as a book lover, ex-dancer and singer and grandmother, and also as a lifelong driver but now an avid cyclist! She had tried out an e-bike 8 years ago, buying a budget option from a supermarket chain, but found that she was not getting the experience she hoped for – she was unable to keep up with her husband on his traditional bike, would end up in the wrong gear, and eventually left the e-bike languishing in the couple’s holiday apartment, announcing that "the fun factor is zero."

In her search for a better e-bike option, Inge explored countless comparison videos and reviews, and finally chose the TENWAYS CGO800S. It was, she says, "Best decision ever!"

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"On the bike I felt safe from the first second, it supports me in the many hills and against the wind (there is ALWAYS wind here!) absolutely gently, cycling is finally fun again. I can even cycle quite often without any assistance. The longest distance so far with one battery charge was 96 km. I bought a pannier bag for shopping and fun rides. I haven't used my car since I got my beauty, called 'Luise'. It is a win-win situation - I get a healthier living and protect the environment. And all with lots of fun."

Riding into the new year

Feeling inspired by these Tenwayers’ stories? Now is the perfect time to join the growing TENWAYS community, with our special Christmas offer! All those ordering a TENWAYS e-bike will be eligible to receive an exclusive gift box, packed with carefully chosen and super useful goodies. See all the details on the TENWAYS range here.

This festive season, warm greetings to yourself and your loved ones from everyone at Team TENWAYS. Let’s ride into 2023 together!

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